Temple and Hentz



A Treasured Tutor
Town & Style Magazine

House And Garden: Special Selection
June 9th - Town & Style Magazine


A Family Feeling: Special Selection
December 1st - Town & Style Magazine


ADA 2019 Award Winner: Dining Room
ADA 2019 Award Winner: Paint Technique
ADA 2019 Finalist: Commercial Hotel Space
ADA 2019 Finalist: Foyer


ADA 2017 Award Winner: Powder Room
ADA 2017 Finalist: Commercial Restaurant Space
ADA 2017 Finalist: Kitchen under 300 square feet
ADA 2017 Finalist: Lower Level
ADA 2017 Finalist: Use of color
ADA 2017 Finalist: Use of Fabric or wall covering

ADA 2016 Award Winner: Dining Room
ADA 2016 Finalist: Lower Level
ADA 2016 Finalist: Outdoor Living Space
ADA 2016 Finalist: Powder Room